Co-ordinating Health Care in France
Increasingly, European citizens opt for living in Southern parts of the continent. Since a long time the South of France has been a preferred location. Some 200.000 European foreign citizens now live in the region Provence-Côte d’Azur.
If you belong to this group of fortunate people, living part-time or permanently in these splendid regions, we have something valuable to offer:

Helping you to obtain the kind of care you really need and want. (in case you might need it one day)

We all get older and we like to continue living in our nice home, with our friends around us.Unfortunately, age comes with ailments. And then it is harder to keep one’s independence.What are you going to do in the unlikely event of breaking your leg or hip? Or catching an ailment that incapacitates you temporarily or for a longer time to come?

For this organizing and co-ordinating of the help and care, you may count on Care-in-France. What are we doing for you?
  • We take stock of the existing limitations and handicaps;
  • We formulate a plan together with you and your partner or inmates: who does what?
  • We arrange contacts with providers of care like physical therapy, occupational therapy, a nurse, medical specialist and family doctor;
  • We supervise the execution of the care as planned and we adjust the pan as needed.

In short, we take over all the organising an co-ordinating in order that you can devote your time to getting better and to your everyday life.
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