To live with care
Target group: people over the age of 55 who want to keep their autonomy but additionally want the (possibility) of home care and other facilities  close to their home or within easy reach.

Especially when getting older or becoming single again, there comes a moment that people shy away from maintaining that nice home and its garden. Long drives to visit friends or even the doctor: it is obvious that elderly people often start to object to that. One still wants to continue the "Jeu de Boules" afternoon, but one should not have to drive a full hour to do so. The same for visiting theatre or concert, shopping and meeting friends and acquaintances.

In short, one has to move with the times, but you do not want to leave France. In that case, maybe a form of ‘living apart together’ is something for you: your own apartment or house with common grounds. Facilities like shop and transport are available and amenities like security personnel and home or medical services are present when needed. Most of these facilities employ a subscription to services-system and an hourly rate for services actually delivered.

You can contact us here to orient yourself about the possibilities in Southern France. We have not yet finalized our enquiries, but if your wishes are known to us we can keep you informed.
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